Hope Link was started by two mothers who have daughters with rare diseases. After years of trying to educate themselves and others about their children and the challenges they face, they recognized a great need; while all parents who have critically ill children and children with special needs face challenges, the obstacles and challenges presented with rare diseases are unique, and they need a unique support group. Often, parents feel isolated due to the rarity of their child’s diagnosis. At Hope Link, the children are unique in diagnosis, but the experiences parents and families face are often the same. The personal experiences of these women allow Hope Link to provide encouragement to mothers raising children with rare and undiagnosed disorders.

Who we are...

We are a group of mothers who have children with rare or undiagnosed diseases. The personal experiences of all the women involved in Hope Link make it possible to provide encouragement to any mother raising children with rare or undiagnosed disorders. The mothers in Hope Link come from all over the metro area and have children with many different diseases and a wide range of special needs.

What we do...

  • We meet on a monthly to share our stories, answer questions, and support each other in our life journeys.  When you visit a Hope Link meeting, you will be welcomed with smiles, snacks and plenty of room for your child and their wheelchair and/or medical equipment.  Often times, child care is provided for typical siblings.  
  • Hope Link offers hope through relationships, information, and prayer.  There is no other encouragement, no other validation, like that of a fellow special-needs parent.  The diagnoses may be different, but our journeys are much the same.  
  • Whenever possible we look for opportunities to support and encourage one another within the community, this includes involvement in organizations such as the Oklahoma Family Network, the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  
  • We support the entire family, offering events throughout the year, including Hope Link Halloween and our Back-to-School Bash!
  • A Hope Link online group for fathers has been created to support and encourage them in their roles within the special-needs world. 
  • Hope Link members are encouraged to apply for scholarship funds for medical conferences, as well as our Annual Retreat, which takes place each summer.  
  • Hope Link Graduates is our group for families whose children have “graduated” on to Heaven.  This group meets for meals, meetings and events and is open to mothers, fathers and couples.  
  • There is NO membership fee, but giving is encouraged, and enables the Hope Link Foundation continue to reach out to families, who often feel lost and forgotten.