For families whose children have "graduated" ahead to Heaven, while we STAY behind.

“HLG” is an extension of OKC Hope Link, and exists to minister specifically to families of children who have passed away.  With each death of a child comes an intense grief journey, and not one journey will be the same.  The deaths of some of our precious children have been tied to severe special needs, intense diagnoses and great fragility; while some in our group have children who have died due to terrible, sudden tragedy. 

As a non-profit organization, Hope Link strives to provide a safe community for parents of special-needs children, and with Hope Link Graduates, we seek to offer a community of hope, acceptance and encouragement during what is likely the darkest journey one will take.  Hope Link is committed to walk through the highs and lows with these special parents - surrounding, serving and loving them through the death of a child. 


  • Pray for God to breathe life into the parents of those whose children who are no longer living on this earth
  • Pray for the Hope Link Leadership, as we seek to faithfully love and serve these families in tangible ways, as they face something no parent can ever be prepared to face – life without their child.
  • Pray for the families affected by the death of a child – for peace, for provision, for guidance
  • Pray for provision as this ministry continues to grow